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Since 1982, Hav-A-Lawn & Garden, Inc. has been providing tree care services in Mt. Airy MD. For residents and commercial properties looking for reliable tree health care to keep their ornamentals strong and healthy, Hav-A-Lawn & Garden, Inc. is a highly trusted tree care company. Our highly skilled technicians will act like your own personal tree advisor and help you enjoy the thriving foliage you deserve.

At Hav-A-Lawn & Garden, Inc., our tree services include:
     • Fertilization and foliar treatments
     • Tree injections
     • Insect control
     • Disease and fungus control

If you live in Mt. Airy and you want to enjoy beautiful, healthy and vibrant trees, let Hav-A-Lawn & Garden, Inc. be your tree specialist.

Mt. Airy Facts
Mt. Airy is located in the center of Maryland along I-70 between Frederick and Baltimore. As a small town with a friendly atmosphere, Mt. Airy is welcoming and offers residents and visitors everything from locally owned boutique shops to excellent restaurants. Mt. Airy is just over 4 square miles in size and has a population of approximately 9,300 residents.

Mt. Airy is approximately 40 minutes from Baltimore and about an hour from Washington D.C.

Mt. Airy History
The town of Mt. Airy began being settled in 1830 and supposedly received its name when a railroad worker complained about the cold wind gnawing on his ears. He recommended the town be called Mt. Airy because of cold breeze and the name caught on with the townspeople. Throughout the 19th century, Mt. Airy enjoyed a thriving milling, canning and sewing industry. By 1893, Mt. Airy officially established itself as a town.

Throughout the 20th century, Mt. Airy grew steadily. Between 1990 and 2010, the city had the biggest growth going from 3,730 residents to 9,288, respectively.

Mt. Airy Events
Mt. Airy is a welcoming community that hosts five events each year to bring the residents and visitors together. The events include:
     • The Main Street Heat Chili Cookoff
     • MayFest
     • Flag Day
     • FallFest
     • Christmas in Olde Town

Parks in Mt. Airy
The Parks and Recreation Department in Mt. Airy maintains 10 parks of various sizes with a variety of activities. From soccer fields to skate parks to playgrounds, there is something for everyone. Some of the main parks include:
     • East-West Park – This 20.5 acre park offer nature trails, sports fields and picnic areas.
     • Summit Ridge Park – This 27 acre park features a playground, volleyball court and various fields for baseball, soccer and football.
     • Watkins Park – Home to a fun skate park, Watkins Park is 20 acres in size and features a gazebo, picnic areas and playgrounds.

Choosing Hav-A-Lawn & Garden, Inc.
At Hav-A-Lawn & Garden, Inc., we focus on the safest way to help your trees grow. Our goal is for you to have the healthiest trees while minimizing the overall impact on the environment. By managing invasive insects and diseases while remaining conscious of the important pollinating insects, we can help the ecosystem thrive while keeping your trees strong.

For tree care in Mt. Airy, contact Hav-A-Lawn & Garden, Inc. and let’s grow together.