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For reliable tree health care solutions and insect control in Myersville MD, contact Hav-A-Lawn & Garden, Inc. We have been in the professional tree service business since 1982 and have the experience and knowledge to ensure your trees and shrubs are receiving the highest level of tree care, fertilization and disease and insect control to help them thrive. With a proven tree and shrub treatment program, we can help the foliage on your property grow strong and healthy.

At Hav-A-Lawn & Garden, Inc., our professional tree service programs include:
     • Insect and disease control
     • Tree fertilization and injections
     • Foliar treatments
     • Systemic injection

When you want professional tree service for your home or business, you can rely on our team of highly trained professionals.

A Trusted Tree Care Company
We understand the importance of finding the right tree specialist to maintain your trees and shrubs. At Hav-A-Lawn & Garden, Inc., we have decades of experience in tree health care to ensure they grow the right way and are better equipped to tackle everything from various weather patterns to disease and insects.

When you want high quality lawn care and insect control in Myersville MD, contact Hav-A-Lawn & Garden, Inc.

Tree and Shrub Care
As a local tree service company, we are familiar with the proper ways to care for the maple and oak trees found in the Myersville area. Being in a transition zone, we have the skills necessary to manage and care for the southern plants and trees that are brought up into the area so they can thrive amid the stress of high humidity and summer heat. 

Disease and Insect Control
A healthy tree is also better equipped to handle an insect infestation or diseases. Sometimes, all you need for insect control is a strong tree. By using the best methods and products to promote tree health, you can avoid the use of harmful pesticides and sprays that can have an overall negative impact on the environment. Most insect control companies will blanket spray to kill the insects, but at Hav-A-Lawn & Garden, Inc. we prefer to focus on growing things.

We are always on the lookout for the safest, yet most effective, products out there. As a local tree care company, we are conscious of pollinators and do our best to keep these crucial insects alive. We use products that minimize the adverse effects on the beneficial insects while helping rid your trees and shrubs of the harmful bugs. This method will help your trees retain their aesthetics and health in the most environmentally responsible way possible. 

“Let’s Grow Together”
We are committed to paying attention to the details, providing a high level of customer service and using the safest products available at Hav-A-Lawn & Garden, Inc. Our goal is to focus on growing things, not killing. It is easy to kill and manage diseases and insects but when you focus on the health and vigor of your trees and plants, the other problems tend to go away. As trees continue to grow, having the right tree pruning service will allow your tree to continue to grow safely and strongly, and tree injections in large trees will prove more beneficial than spraying.

Choose Hav-A-Lawn & Garden, Inc.
At Hav-A-Lawn & Garden, Inc., you can trust us to act as your own personal tree specialist and provide the proper level of tree health care to keep your trees and plants strong and healthy. Our professional licenses include:
     • Maryland Tree Expert License
     • Maryland Department of Agriculture License

Along with our satisfaction guarantee, we believe that honesty, transparency and integrity are keys to a positive customer experience.

If you are tired of changing insect control companies every year or you want a professional tree care company with experience with municipalities, residential properties and commercial properties, give Hav-A-Lawn & Garden, Inc. a call or email us today at