Insect & Disease Control Myersville MD

At Hav-A-Lawn & Garden, Inc., we believe that part of maintaing the health of a tree involves keeping the insects, diseases and fungus at bay. While a strong and healthy tree is a great way to prevent major damage from pests and diseases, their ability to cause major harm to your trees and shrubs are quite possible regardless of the level of care. For disease and insect control in Myersville MD, you can rely on Hav-A-Lawn & Garden, Inc. to care of the trees.

We offer insect control services for:
     • Residential properties
     • Commercial properties
     • Municipalities

Insect Treatment Programs
By using routine treatments at the right time of year, we are able to minimize damage to the plants from insects. Our applications will control any of the insect issues that tend to plague the foliage in Maryland prior to any full blown infestations. Because we live in a transition zone where both cold weather and warm weather trees and plants are common, it is important to have an insect control company with the knowledge and experience to keep your trees in good condition.

There are many kinds of insects that can harm your trees. The first treatments in our program are meant to manage the wintering insects and their eggs before they have the opportunity to hatch. In the early summer and the fall, we treat the types of pests most prevalent around that time of year which vary based on the climate conditions.

Some of the many insects we can help control include:
     • Spider mites
     • Japanese beetles
     • Webworms
     • Bagworms
     • Damaging caterpillars

Disease Treatment Programs
Just like insects, diseases and fungus are capable of causing significant damage to your trees and shrubs. Our routine applications are designed to fight the diseases before they become a problem and our constant monitoring will help us discover any problems before they can cause long term harm.

Some of the diseases and fungus we can control are:
     • Powdery Mildew
     • Leaf Spot
     • Rust
     • Tip Blight

Safe Products
With a professional tree specialist maintaining your trees, shrubs and plants, we will always be on the lookout for any issues affecting your foliage. 

Using dependable products is very important to us in both providing a high level of service as well as ensuring its success. Not only are the products we use safe for people, but we are conscious of pollinators that will help keep the flowers and trees blooming. By taking care of the invasive insects that are infesting your trees and shrubs with the truly best methods, we can minimize the effect our products have on the beneficial insects.

Hav-A-Lawn & Garden, Inc. Insect Treatment
Our decades of experience with insect control as well as continuing our education to stay up to date on the best practices and safest methods means you can trust Hav-A-Lawn & Garden, Inc. to take care of the health of your trees. 

Your satisfaction is guaranteed when you use our services. We pay close attention and focus on the health of your tree so that it can grow strong and provide great curb appeal for your home or business. 

For insect control in Myersville MD, call Hav-A-Lawn & Garden, Inc.