Tree Injections Myersville MD

At Hav-A-Lawn & Garden, Inc., you can expect a high level of tree service. One of the ways our crew can help your trees grow strong and remain healthy is through the use of tree injections. Trees can get their fertilization from foliar treatments which rely on the leaves to soak in the spray and spread the nutrients or by tree injections which will carry the nutrients up and throughout the tree.

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The Benefits of Tree Injections
While power spraying a small tree in full bloom may be a decent approach, the same method on a large tree is simply impractical. With tree injections, the materials are put directly into the tree which allows it to distribute the materials up into the tree, down into the roots and out toward the canopy. It is by far the most effective way for treating large trees.

On top of its ability to spread the materials easier, tree injections reduce the exposure of materials that may be harmful to the beneficial insects that help drive the ecosystem. The health of the planet is important to us at Hav-A-Lawn & Garden, Inc. and our way to minimize the effect from treating trees and shrubs is to use the safest and most environmentally friendly methods possible.

Injecting the Tree
Our tree specialist will be able to inject the materials right into the bark of the tree. Depending on other factors, drenching or injecting the materials at the base of the trees may be the best route forward.

By using a targeted approach to promote the health of a tree, we can apply the right level of pesticides and fertilizers to help the tree grow and fight insects and diseases. Because this is a more reliable and environmentally friendly method, tree injections are increasing in popularity. Folks who use Hav-A-Lawn & Garden, Inc. for their tree injections will experience a tree better equipped to manage any insect or disease infestation.

Transition Zone
It is not always easy caring for ornamentals in the transition zone. With both warm weather and cold weather plants, shrubs and trees being planted on the properties in and around Myersville MD, it takes experience, knowledge and training to inject the right amount of materials into the tree to help it thrive through a variety of climates and environmental stresses.

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Hav-A-Lawn & Garden, Inc. Experience
At Hav-A-Lawn & Garden, Inc., we offer decades of experience. We focus solely on the health and vigor of trees and believe in growing things, not killing them. This is why we believe tree injections are the best overall route. They are a great way to keep trees healthy while minimizing the impact fertilizers and pesticides have on the environment.

Since 1982, Hav-A-Lawn & Garden, Inc. has been providing a high level of tree and plant health care. By concentrating on ornamentals, our highly skilled tree specialists will keep your maples, oaks, and any other tree in your yard strong and vigorous.

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